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True or False About Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

5 True or False Questions & Answers

There are 5 true or false questions about low back pain.  Because low back pain is one of the most widespread disorders in the United States, one in 4 people in the population of the US has had low back pain in their lives. I believe you want to understand the truth of lower back pain.  

Number 1

Is Stretching the only way to improve lower back pain?


Stretching is one of the most major self-care methods of low back pain.  Of course, you can feel better after stretching, but I believe it is not enough. Stretching is effective in loosening up the muscles, but it is just like branch treatment. You have to know the root causes of why your muscle gets tighten up. Otherwise, the pain comes back later.

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number 2

Can proper posture prevent Low Back Pain?


Bad posture indeed creates low back pain, but the opposite is not always true. For example, ballerinas have beautiful perfect posture. However, some still have been in pain. Even if you correct your bad posture, 30% of chance that you remain in pain. Because you are constantly moving your posture, you have to fix the horrible movement habit instead of just standing.

Number 3

Is it better to be flexible for low back pain?


You get lower back pain due to tightness of the muscle or joints. However, it is also not always true. Because many people who can split their legs into 180 degrees also have lower back pain like ballerinas. Joints have two functions; Mobility and stability. Suppose your hip joints are too flexible. Your joints’ mobility overloads the force to the muscle, causing pain. The most important thing is the balance between mobility and stability.  It would be good to avoid stretching too much because you lose the movement’s fulcrum and can’t move properly. The muscles need some tightness, and joints have enough stability to prevent too much force to the lower back.

Number 4

Would it help if you work out your low back muscles because you have weak muscles?


I understand that when you have weak muscles, you should work out and strengthen them. And, when you have tight muscles, you should stretch and loosen up them. However, it is not always the case like that. There is the case when you strengthen the weak muscles; it may trigger more pain in your low back. You have to know why the muscles are weak instead of just enhancing them. Sometimes the muscles are vulnerable because of fatigue. It’s like you work hard already, and your boss told you to work more. If that happens, you get tired and get pain instead of strengthening. Again, you have to know when to rest and when to strengthen them.

Number 5

Can the causes of low back pain be from bad movement habits?


It can be from improper movement habits like squatting and standing. Three parts work together; Lumber, Hip, and pelvis. When you are in the same position, like sitting too long, your hip joint gets tighten up, and the extra force goes to your lumber and pelvis, triggering lower back pain. If you do computer work a lot in your daily life, your body will learn the pattern of your lousy movement habits. That is why you get low back pain.

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Did you get these 5 answers? It may surprise you or not, but, I hope you enjoy reading and it helps to understand about low back pain.  

Please feel welcome to comment if you have any questions about this post.


Sayonara till next post.

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