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How to Relieve Acute Lower Back Pain By Yourself (3 Steps)

This 3 step technique can help you move more easily, allowing you to get up, walk, and sleep, which can help you recover from acute lower back pain more quickly

6 Tips for Low Back Pain and Cold Feet: A Guide & Solution

From the Traditional Chinese medicine perspective, there is a correlation between low back pain and cold feet. It’s called cold sensitivity.

4 Tips for Low Back Pain in Cold Weather: Why & How to Solve

Understanding how and why you have more pain in cold weather is the first step to mitigating your low back pain. I’d like to teach you 4 tips to manage pain.

TOP 5 Tips to Easily Managing your Degenerative Disc Disease & Sciatica

You may hear about a little-known condition called degenerative disc disease for most people dealing with sciatica and low back pain.

Acupuncture for Sciatica: A Guide to Natural Remedies for Low Back Pain

People that are looking for alternative solutions to their chronic sciatica with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, & Food.

5 Tips to Healing Sciatica Pain: Your Guide to Get Rid of Chronic Pain

Acupuncture is very effective for spinal stenosis and sciatica. Most of our patients were close to 80% recovered in terms of back mobility.

Simple 3 Minutes Self-Care for Low Back Pain

I want to introduce Easy Self-care for Lower Back pain for about 3 minutes every day to take care of lower back pain by yourself.

True or False About Low Back Pain

5 true or false questions about low back pain.  Because low back pain is one of the most widespread disorders in the United States. One in 4 people in the population of the US has had low back pain in their lives. I believe you want to understand the truth of lower back pain.

4 Easy Tips to Solve Your Frequent Low Back Pain

Frequent lower back pain is one of the most common disorders that people in the united states suffer. Unfortunately, 31 million Americans experience pain in the lower back at any time of their life. Discuss the mechanism and the solution for the frequent lower back pain.

How to Change Your Posture ​to Fix Your Lower Back Pain

Even though we suffer from low back pain varies for each person, such as sciatica, herniated disc, Lumbar stenosis, muscle tightness, etc., in this blog, I want to explain how to release from chronic lower back pain or tightness by yourself at home.