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How To Use One Spoon To Treat Your Trigger Finger By Yourself

I would like to share how to use a spoon to treat trigger fingers at home to break down scar tissue & adhesions in muscles & tendons by scraping the skin.

Easy 8 Steps of Massage & Stretch for Your Trigger Finger

Massaging and stretching are essential tools for Trigger Finger. I’ll share how to massage & stretch that you can do at home to avoid steroid shots or surgery.

How to Deal with Trigger Finger: Home Remedies

In a recent study, women in their 50s are more likely to get arthritis and joint pain than men, which includes trigger fingers. There are some tips that you can take care of it by yourself

Top 10 Most Common Questions about Trigger Finger You Wanna Know Now

Having Trigger Finger can be a very overwhelming experience for so many patients. Let’s dive into the TOP 10 questions from patients about Trigger fingers.

Trigger Finger and Acupuncture: A Natural Treatment and Quick Recovery

After just 3 weeks of acupuncture treatments, Andrea’s trigger finger had returned to its normal, and she had regained approximately 90% of her finger mobility.