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4 Easy Tips to Solve Your Frequent Low Back Pain

4 Easy Tips to solve your frequent low back pain
Low Back Pain

Many people in the US suffer from lower back pain – it’s actually a pretty common issue. In fact, around 31 million Americans have experienced it at some point. This blog post is here to help shed some light on what causes this type of pain and explore possible solutions. Let’s get started!

What is the cause of frequent lower back pain?

Lower back pain can have various causes, such as accidents, injuries, misaligned pelvis, and bad posture. Through my experience as an acupuncturist and certified athletic trainer, I have observed that many patients suffering from lower back pain often have tightness in their SI joint.

What is SI joint?

The SI joint is located where the sacrum and ilium meet. It’s connected to muscles that help rotate the pelvis, such as the gluteal muscles. If the joint becomes tight and stops moving the pelvis properly, it can cause the QL muscle in the lower back to also tighten and result in pain.

How to solve the release of the SI joint's tightness to reduce the lower back pain?

To alleviate lower back pain, it’s important to loosen the tightness in your SI joint. Fortunately, you can follow four simple tips right at home.

  1. Take a bath with Epsom salt 
  2. Exercise 
  3. Try acupressure
  4. Comprise Chinese herbs.

1. Take a bath with Epsom Salt

If you’re experiencing pain or inflammation, applying heat to the affected area can be a helpful solution to improve blood circulation and provide relief.  

  1. Prepare 100 degrees of hot water in the bathtub.
  2. Put a handful of Epsom salt in it.
  3. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate and promotes even more blood circulation.
  4. Soak in the tub for 20-30 minutes until you sweat.  It promotes sweating and reduces pain.

2. Exercise

There are McKenzie method home exercises that release the lower back muscle tension. In addition, there are seven different exercises that you can do at home to ease the pain. For example, Extension in lying exercise is the most valuable and effective first-aid and procedure in the treatment of lower back pain:

It is the most important exercise. You may maintain the sag for longer than one or two seconds if you feel the pain reduces.

  1. Remain to face down and place your hands under your shoulder in the press-up position
  2. Straighten your elbows and push your body up as far as you can tolerate.
  3. It is essential that you completely relax the pelvis, hips, and legs when you do.
  4. Keep your pelvis, hips, and legs hanging and allow your lower back to tilt.
  5. When you have maintained this position for a second or two, you can lower yourself to the starting position.
  6. You repeat this cycle.
  7. It would help if you tried to raise your upper body a little bit higher, and your back is supposed to be extended as much as possible with your arms straighten.
  8. When your arms are straight, remember to hold for a second or two.

3. Massage the acupuncture points

Acupuncture is one of the best modalities that is great for pain.  A lot of cases that patients can or may feel better immediately. The WHO also credits acupuncture with low back pain with minimal side effects.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that acupuncture is highly effective in alleviating pain and inflammation. This is because it stimulates the body to produce its own natural pain-relieving substances.

Did you know that massaging the acupuncture points can naturally relieve pain in the body? This technique is called “Acupressure.”


Releasing the SI joint and QL muscle can be effectively achieved by targeting the GB25 acupuncture point, which is located beneath the 12th rib.

To activate this point, simply press and hold it for 10 seconds while breathing. Repeat this process up to 10 times daily for optimal results.


  1. You can press and hold the GB25 point for 10 seconds as you breath in.  
  2. Tilt your body to the right as you breath out
  3. Do the same thing to the left
  4. Repeat it 10 times a day

4. Comprise Chinese herbs

If you’re dealing with lower back pain, there are some really helpful Chinese herbs that can ease your discomfort. Let me tell you about one of these herbs that’s known to work wonders on the lower back.


  • Are you experiencing frequent lower back pain or frequent urination? 
  • Try touching your lower back. Do you feel any coldness? 
  • Additionally, have you been feeling tired consistently?

If you’re feeling some discomfort in your lower back alongside other symptoms, it’s likely that your kidneys are running low on energy. Traditional Chinese medicine considers the kidneys to be a crucial source of energy, and the lower back is a key area where you might feel the effects of a deficiency. So, if you are experiencing pain and other symptoms, it might be a sign that your kidneys need a boost.

Rehmannia Eight Formula


  • lower back pain
  • cold lower back
  • frequent urination
  • fatigue
  • arthritis

The Rehmannia Eight Formula is a traditional Chinese medicine that aids in warming the kidneys and reducing pain. Yang Energy is responsible for our vitality, activity, and function, as well as warmth and movement. The primary component of this formula is Rehmannia, which replenishes the kidneys.

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Is Acupuncture Effective for Low Back Pain?

Yes. During the initial acupuncture session, we assessed your low back and muscle tightness. If you are experiencing pain, you may have difficulty bending forward or leaning back. However, acupuncture can effectively alleviate low back pain and sciatica by targeting inflammation and swelling, as well as restoring movement in the affected area.

Within six weeks to 3 months, most of our patients looked back to normal, and they were close to 80% recovered in terms of back mobility. Even then, recovery is not guaranteed.

When Should I start Acupuncture?

Receiving treatment for low back pain as soon as possible usually leads to a better outcome. However, some patients wait months or even years before seeking treatment, which can make their cases more complicated and require a longer recovery time. Even then, there is no guarantee of complete recovery.

When it comes to Acupuncture, the frequency of treatments depends on the condition being treated. Newer and acute conditions will require more frequent visits for optimal results, while older and chronic conditions will benefit from less frequent visits. For example, if you have recently developed low back pain, you may need 2-3 treatments per week to see the best results, whereas chronic cases typically only require one treatment per week.

If you or a loved one was diagnosed with a low back pain and want to learn more about Acupuncture and whether it’s appropriate for your case, send us a message through our contact page.

I hope it helps.

Satoru Ozawa, L.Ac, ATC

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