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Satoru Ozawa, L.Ac

Satoru Ozawa, L.Ac

Licensed Acupuncturist

About Us

hariQ acupuncture & herbs is an acupuncture clinic in Plano, TX. We specialize for pain management such as lower back pain, knee pain, joint pain, etc.

Who are we

Satoru is a national board-certified Acupuncturist of Oriental Medicine recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and a Licensed Acupuncturist in Texas (Lic. #AC02056).

Who We Help

Here are common conditions that we’ve helped ourt patients with

Low Back Pain

Our Powerful blend of 100% natural therapies works for all types of lower back pain, including acute and chronic pain.

Neck Pain

Our Powerful blend of 100% natural therapies works for all types of Neck pain, including acute and chronic pain.


Our Powerful blend of 100% natural therapies works for all types of Migraines, including Hemiplegic, sinus, tension, etc.


That is the second time that i see Dr. Ozawa and i must say that every time i get a treatment i feel so good. I come back home and feel so relax . I always have been skeptical about acupuncture but i now i know it works! Dr. Ozawa is attentive to your health concern!

Michel Bourgeois, Massothérapeute

Happy Patient

“For over two years I struggled with an internal bleeding hemorrhoid. I tried many so called ‘remedies’ with only incremental changes and no relief. Then I started seeing Satoru. With his consistent acupuncture treatment combined with a change in diet and herbs my condition cleared within two months!”

Tony Negro

Happy Patient

“I was struggling with insomnia and my irregular period cycle. My body has got released since I started to go Dr. Ozawa. Now I can sleep naturally, and my period cycle got better. I think if I didn’t see Dr. Ozawa, I would be in a more serious condition.”

Tomoe Yoshida

Happy Patient

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