hariQ acupuncture & herbs

3 Reasons Why You Choose Us

1. Pain Specialist

Because Satoru is an acupuncturist and a certified athletic trainer, he can evaluate and find the root causes from both sides of the medicines: East & West. From his treatment, many patients and athletes feel immediate pain relief.
Not only are active athletes who suffer from injuries, but athletes who retired and still suffer from pain have visited us, and we have received good feedback.

2. Effective, Gentle Treatment

Acu-Zone Therapy is palpation-based Japanese style acupuncture, which renowned clinician Dr. Nakano founded.

Because Japanese acupuncture is gentle, painless, but very effective, our patients feel comfortable and satisfied after our treatment.

We utilize only 7 needles and don’t put needles locally, which is very safe so that even patients who are afraid of needles can feel free to visit us.   

3. Natural Chinese Herbs

Natural Chinese herbs are another tool to help improve your condition and constitution.

hariQ acupuncture & herbs uses several different vendors. Most of the herbs we use are made in the USA and are either capsulated or tablet forms so that even children can take them easily.

  • Golden Flower
  • Health Concern
  • KAN
  • KAN Traditional
  • Other Supplement companies

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