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How To Make Your Blinking And Closing Your Eye Better For Bell’s Palsy

I have created another massage technique that can stimulate blood circulation, improve the ability to close one’s eyes, or speed up recovery from Bell’s Palsy.

How To Use A Facial Roller For Your Bell’s Palsy (10 Steps)

I am excited to share an excellent home remedy that can help alleviate symptoms of Bell’s Palsy. By following these 10 simple steps, you can learn how to use a facial roller to improve your condition. 

3 Important Things You Shouldn’t Do for Bell’s Palsy

I want to share about Acute Bell’s Palsy and what you should avoid doing if you have it. I noticed that some could worsen it or cause other complications.

What To Do When You Get Bell’s Palsy: Simple Advice

Have you ever experienced a situation where one side of your face goes numb? I would love to share some advice on what to do if you experience these symptoms.

How to Scale Your Bell’s Palsy

It can be frightening to experience as it may feel like it will never go away. However, a scale is available to help you assess the severity of Bell’s palsy.

TOP 10 Questions about Bell’s Palsy that You Wanna Know NOW

Having Bell’s palsy can be a very overwhelming experience for so many people. That said, let’s dive into the TOP 10 questions about Bell’s Palsy.

Bell’s Palsy & Acupuncture: Proven Remedy & Quick Recovery

Mature man with Bell's palsy paralysis of facial the nerve.

The sooner one receives treatment for Bell’s Palsy, the better the prognosis. He was nearly 90% recovered of facial mobility & no longer needed treatments.