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How to Change Your Posture ​to Fix Your Lower Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most prevalent disorders in the United States because one in 4 people has had lower back pain once in their lives, according to American Chiropractic Association,. Even though we suffer from low back pain varies for each person, such as sciatica, herniated disc, Lumbar stenosis, muscle tightness, etc., in this blog, I want to explain how to release from chronic lower back pain or tightness by yourself at home.

Instant Ways to Fix Your Lower Back Pain

In the human body, the center of the body is called spines. The spines are divided into four parts, cervices, thoracics, lumbers, and sacrum. These are like the pillar of the body. It is a significantly important role of the body when you move like sitting or standing, walking, etc.

These are naturally s-shape curves when you look at them from the side. The spines are connected like chains. Once the one spine gets crooked, everything else also gets crooked. And, the base of the chain is the sacrum. The most important aspect of correcting the posture is the angle of the sacrum.

I want you to stand up straight and squat and hold the position for 10 seconds?  I bet, you start feeling the tightness in your lower back. What happened in your body is that you change the angle of the sacrum by doing squat.  It is called lordosis or swayback. The study showed that African Americans tend to have more lordosis or swayback than Caucasian Americans.

On the other hand, When you slouch the back, it compresses your internal organs, lungs, diaphragm, causing shallow breathing, etc.

The most important things are the position of the neck and the sacrum.

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1. Neck position

Before you correct your crooked spines, you have to fix the position of the neck. Once the neck is correct, it loosens up the abdominal muscles, and spines go back to the normal curvature.

2. Sacrum angles

As I mention, when you sway your back, your lower back starts to feel tightness. It means that your sacrum moves up. It can cause pain. There are hip muscles called gluteus medium, maximum, and minimus. These muscles are attached to the hip and thigh bones that support the body to stand straight. They externally rotate the thigh, and it also helps to open the pelvis to push down the sacrum. The phenomena release the tension of the lower back and ease up the pain.

How to stand up properly

Check your posture first to see what is the problem when you stand up.  These steps below make you to correct your posture.  

Stand up against the wall. Make sure that your heel, hip, shoulder blade, and the head’s back touch the wall. Take a deep breath in and hold for 3 seconds, tight up the shoulder blade, and relax for 3 seconds. Repeat the same things ten more times.

How to strengthen your glutes muscles

Like I mention before, strengthening the hip muscles correct the curvature of the spine.  Try this exercise below.  

First, lay down with bending your knees, then please pick up your hip without using your hands.  Lastly, Hold for 5 seconds and relax Repeat five times

Sit down and put your hands and feet Please pick up your hip until it parallels to the floor Hold the position for 5 seconds and relax. Repeat five times


In conclusion, proper posture is the key to fix your lower back pain. In order to do that, your hip muscles must activate while standing, walking, etc. Try these exercises every day to maintain your posture correctly.

Please feel welcome to comment if you have any questions about this post. Sayonara till next post.

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